Lost Vape Grus 100w Mod

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Lost Vape Grus 100w Mod-quest line-single battery, 3 battery types-usb-c cord under battery cap, great battery life-cool-looking, zinc alloy with resi..

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Lost Vape Grus 100w Mod

-quest line

-single battery, 3 battery types

-usb-c cord under battery cap, great battery life

-cool-looking, zinc alloy with resin inlays, wood

-easy buttons

-spring-loaded 510 pin, up to 30 ml atomizer (big platform)

-510 connector?

-stainless steel caps

-battery venting, threaded battery cap

-home screen with all information, simple, up to 100w, multiple modes to set

-can change accent color

-tightly made

-feels good, ergonomic, contoured to your hand, easy to fire

-unique looking

-looks and build quality, inlay panels

-trendy styling, looks premium

-better than most on the market look

-sturdy out of zinc, heft 

-simple, straightforward


-bright, accessible screen

-feels like tube

-feels high-end

-compatible with three different wire types?

-5-100w range

-can support sub-ohm tanks?

-”large 30 mm 510 plate”

-variable voltage

If you're looking for a classy looking, well built mod for a great price - your search is over! 

The Grus is elegant, straightforward, and rugged at the same time.

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Calling all stylish vapers: your wait is finally over. Discover the precision craftsmanship and effortless cool of a vaping masterpiece when you vape in style with the brand-new Grus 100w Mod by Lost Vape. 

With a sleek, attractive design and durable, high-quality build, the Grus 100w Box Mod never fails to impress on sight. Its ample adjustment options and large platform mean it is compatible with a wide range of atomizers. Lost Vape has truly brought a premium quality device to market at an affordable price point. The Grus 100w Mod offers:

-A durable, stylish zinc build

-An output range of 5w-100w

-A large platform to support atomizers up to 30 mm and a spring-loaded 510 pin compatible with almost any 510 threaded tank (including sub-ohm tanks)

-Extensive temperature adjustment options and variable voltage

-A single 21700 / 20700 or 18650 battery AND Type-C charging capability

-A threaded battery cap made of sturdy zinc

-Customizable color display options

-Multiple trusted safety protections


Thanks to its simple and straightforward setup, using the Grus 100w Mod is convenient and hassle-free. An uncomplicated menu with easy to navigate functions allows you to get vaping quickly and both the battery compartment and platform are easily accessible. A bright, easily readable home screen displays all relevant information and even offers 6 different unique color options!


With an output range up to 100w and extensive temperature/voltage options, the Grus 100w Mod allows a wide range of custom vaping options. This device is compatible with 3 different wire types and its large platform fits atomizers up to 30mm. Setting your temperature or voltage is a breeze with the intuitive interface, multiple modes, and clear display. The mod fires powerfully and instantly and offers thick vapor production. 


From its stylish appearance to high-performance capabilities and well-built structure, every detail on the Grus 100w Mod is a testament to the artisans that created it. Crafted from premier quality zinc alloy, the body of this device is hefty and built to last. The contoured shape of the Grus 100w Mod fits comfortably and ergonomically in your hand with easy firing capability, and the smooth finish makes for a high-end feel. Best of all for the stylish vaper, the Grus 100w Mod is aesthetically pleasing and comes with multiple different designs of unique and attractive resin inlay panels. 

If you’re looking for a classy, yet affordable device with high quality craftsmanship look no further than the Grus 100w Mod. Relax and lose your troubles with Lost Vape today!

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